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Onewheel Parties

Onewheels make events like Birthdays, Bar Mitzvahs, and team building get togethers fun for kids AND adults. We provide Onewheel boards, lessons with our training wheel walkers, full protective gear, and obstacle course. We even offer a full pop-up party package with shade tents, chairs, and music with our giant JBL Party Speaker for the complete party vibe with zero effort.  Floatified Onewheel Parties are like a snowboarding trip with your friends, with the convenience of a day at the park.

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Onewheel Lessons

We make learning safe and easy with our training wheel walkers and our proven teaching techniques to get you riding in under 30 minutes guaranteed or your money back (most people learn in under 15 minutes). After learning the basics you'll practice your skills riding around the park and our beginner obstacle course to master the technique of turning, carving, and riding up and down ramps.

Onewheel Tours

Step-up your exploration game and  experience what it's like to surf on land with a Onewheel Lesson and Tour of Santa Monica & Venice Beach or the Santa Monica Mountain Trails. We start with a lesson using our training wheel device and obstacle course before we head out and explore the beaches or mountain trails.

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